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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Screenshot app for N95

N95 Screenshot

If you're looking for an app that allows you to capture screenshot of your N95 display, this app is the perfect solution. It's completely free and has support for over 31 languages. More than that, it's really popular, because over 250,000 people have downloaded this app. The screenshot can be saved in JPEG, PNG, BMP or MBM formats.

Download Screenshot for N95

Friday, December 14, 2012

Cool Games for Nokia N95

I love to play games on my smartphone, and if you own a Nokia N95 you should not be disappointed. This is a great smartphone that allows you to have tons of fun, even if you don't have a faster smartphone like your friends. Remember that the coolest games of all time are the classic arcade games like Mario and Kong. So don't worry about graphics or performance, because those things don't make a good game.

Cool Games for Nokia N95

BlackJack for N95

BlackJack for N95

BlackJack is a wonderful game and you don't even need to be connected to Internet in order to have some old-school fun. This game is available on symbian-freeware.com website. Check it here.

 Slot Game for N95

Slot Game for N95

I still remember the time I was younger and playing at slot machines what all I had in mind. You can play these types of games on your N95 for free. Again, symbian-freeware.com has a page just for this game. Check it here

Video Poker for N95

Video Poker for N95

These days everyone loves Poker, even girls. I always gather with my friends and have some time with beer playing some good old Texas Holdem. If you plan to download and install a video poker for N95, you should go for this cool game that I found: Video Poker. Check it here

all the N95 games presented here are provided as free on symbian-freeware.com and I'm not associated with that page. Access the link on your own risk!

Here is a list with other cool games for N95, but you have to search for them in google. In the meantime, I will share only the picture with these N95 games and their title. Enjoy!

N95 cool games
  • Planet Riders 3D
  • Flexis
  • Tower Wars
  • Emergency Mayhem
  • Deep 3D
  • Tank Raid 3D
  • Rollercoaster Rush
  • Darkest Fear 3
  • Townsmen 3
  • Galaxy on Fire

Christmas Jewel Explosion for N95

If you're tired of the same Jewel Games you can always try something different. Christmas Jewel Explosion for N95 is the perfect solution if you want to go into the Christmas mood and have fun with Christmas icons. This has a resolution of 240x320, and it works perfectly on Nokia N95.
Download Christmas Jewel Explosion for N95

The best browser for N95

the best browser for N95

Let's face it, the included Internet Browser for N95 is not that great. You can browse your pages and add your bookmarks, but lacks in so many ways. That's why I'm going to recommend the best browser for N95.

Please, skip the Spanish intro and subtitles. As you can see, Opera has so many features compared to the N95 official Internet Browser, and I can honestly say that it's the best browser you will ever find or try on your N95. You can download it for free at opera.com/mobile

Free JoikuSpot Light for N95

Joiku Spot Light free

I don't want to mislead you, so I'm going to start with the facts:

JoikuSpot has two version, a free version and a paid version. As far as I know, the free version of JoikuSpot have some limitations such as WiFi security and other options that are not available. Even so, with this free version you can still share your Internet Connection over WiFi. You can get the official version from joiku.com

JoikuSpot Light

This free edition will turn your N95 into an open WiFi Hot Spot. Anyone can connect to it. It allows only HTTP protocol, and additional protocols are not available in this versiol.

Fix WiFi on Nokia N95

This posts shows you you can improve public WiFi handling on your Nokia N95. Sometimes, N95 can have problems doing "handover" on metro WiFi network. If you will follow the steps in the video you will see an improvement of overall performance on N95 WiFi. This will also fix the drop of signal or interruption of call (which can be really annoying at times).

Fring - calling app for N95

Free Calling for N95

If you're looking for an app that allows you to make free calls on your Nokia N95, Fring is the best choice. This app is provided as free at fring.com. First, this app allowed Skype calls, but in the meantime they disabled this features because Skype had developed their own application. Fring works best with a WiFi connection, but also works on 3G or GPRS.

Download Fring

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome to N95 Download Apps

Welcome to my blog! Before anything else, I must tell you about the rules you submit when visiting this blog:
1. I do not host any files on this blog, everything is gathered from the internet.
2. I am only trying to review free N95 apps (as provided by manufacturer). I am not sharing any illegal, cracked or warez apps here. If you're looking for that, look somewhere else.
3. I have no control on the page that I link to in my posts. One day that page could be a developer's page and another day that page can change. If you think some of the links I refer to has fishy content, please let me know by commenting on this post. I will remove the link immediately.
4. I never charge for anything, and I will never do this. I am writing these posts for you because I love N95 so much and because it was my first phone ever, and I still remember how hard it is to find cool apps for it.
5. If you're looking for more legit apps for N95, you should check official Nokia store. That's the first place to start your search.